René Gijzemijter is a professional composer from The Netherlands.

At an early age he developed an obsession with anything that could create some kind of sound or rhythm. He started playing the organ at age 6, and moved on to more sophisticated machinery in the years that followed.

Experimenting with the newest technology, he kept expanding his experience in the musical field. He is self-taught and is unable to read or write sheet music. He has described his composing style as ‘hybrid’, always looking for a way to combine traditional orchestral compositions with synthesizers and other forms of analog and digital instruments.

René has composed the music for a range of Films, TV and Web shows,  as well as a variety of Burlesque features. Known for his distinct personal musical style which was strongly influenced by Composers Danny Elfman, John Williams and James Horner as well as artists Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre.